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The package contains:Garmin Edge 1030 PlusCinturino chest Premium HR-Dual frequency cardiacaSensore of cadenzaSensore of velocitStaffe (mounting on handlebar standard and aero)Cable USBNastro of fissaggioManualiCaratteristiche - Garmin Edge 1030 Plus BundleMONITORAGGIO DYNAMIC PRESTAZIONIOttieni more information on the way in which your body responds to the workout. Monitor your VO2 max, recovery time, Training Load,, is the focus of the Training Load, and much more.TRAINING STATUSIl your workout effective? Automatically evaluates your history exercises recent and the performance indicators to find out if your workout is effective, too light or too intense.TIPS FOR TRAINING QUOTIDIANIPer to have guidelines for the training according to your data, and your level of fitness, get directions daily for your bike training on the basis of your Training Load current, and your VO2 max.SYNCHRONIZE PLANS ALLENAMENTOCrea your workouts, and indoor and outdoor using the planning tool training is integrated to the app Garmin Connect, or sync it to your Edge with other apps, such as TrainingPeaks, and by the accounts TrainerRoad.ACCLIMATIZATION TO the HEAT AND QUOTAPreparati to ride in every condition. Discover how your body can withstand in different environments with acclimatization to heat and altitude.FUNCTION CLIMBPROVisualizza automatically the climb and the gradient of the remaining, when you climb in altitude as you follow a path or trail. We help you to measure your effort, and see how much more you will have to suffer.ALERTS RELATED TO DIET AND IDRATAZIONEOttieni all the data you need to always have the required energy, mile after mile. Edge 1030 Plus alerts you when time to eat or drink.The DYNAMICS OF CICLISMOUtilizza the metrics of cycling to advanced, designed to provide detailed information on how to change performance based on conditions of variables such as the position, the configuration of the bike, the duration of the ride, and much more.DYNAMIC MTBTieni track of the salient details of each race with the new metrics for mountain bikes, such as the number of jumps, the relative distance and the time in suspension.GRIT AND FLOWL'option Grit assesses the difficulty of a ride using GPS data, altitude, and other data. The option Flow measures the uniformity of the pedal during a descent, and provides a score to exceed the next time.EXTENDED LIFE OF the BATTERIAEdge 1030 Plus offers a battery life of 24 hours, even under intense use. Doubles the duration with the battery Garmin Charge optional.RECALCULATION OFF PERCORSOMetti pause on the path information and notifications for off-track when you go away from the path to explore new areas. When you're ready to get back on your path, the Edge 1030 Plus we'll show how to do it.GARMIN CYCLE MAPEffettua your bike rides with preloaded maps integrated, which offer a greater coverage, including information on trails for MTB global from the site Trailforks. You also get the elevation data, points of interest and addresses in a searchable.APP TRAILFORKSImporta planned routes directly in the app Trailforks preloaded on the Edge 1030 Plus. The paths take into account the conditions of the routes and of the capacity of the cyclist to enjoy a superior experience.MODE FORKSIGHTCon the use of the app Trailforks, this mode automatically displays the bifurcations for later and show the context in which you are inside of a network of trails.DIRECTIONS OF TURNS WITH PRONUNCIATION of the NAMES OF the STRADENon miss never the directions of turns with pronunciation of street names that will warn you of upcoming curves.BACK TO the INIZIOEdge 1030 Plus also able to get you back to the beginning of the path, even if you have made a deviation or if you decide to come home before.The CALCULATION OF the PERCORSOTrascorri pi time pedaling and less time to calculate the speed, a process that is two times more rapid compared to previous models.PATHS TRENDLINE BASED ON the POPOLARITUtilizzando the millions of miles of data that cyclists are loaded, the Edge 1030 Plus can find the best route to take, choosing between the roads and the paths pi off the beaten path.CREATE more PERCORSICrea paths directly in the app Garmin Connect, cos you're not gonna never without new routes to explore. Alternatively, pianificali on other platforms such as Strava and Komoot, then sync them automatically on your Edge.COMPATIBILITY INREACHRimani connected wherever you go by combining your Edge to a device, inReach.. View and respond to messages, share your trip data and triggers alerts SOS interactive with a subscription inReach.COMPATIBILITY VARIAAbbina the device Edge 1030 Plus, our radar-view mirror, and our lights Varies cos you will be able to see and be seen easily.DETECTION INCIDENTIQuesto template Edge automatically sends your location to emergency contacts pre-loaded if it detects an accident.ALARM BICIL'alarm bike is protected with a PIN directly on your smartphone a notification when the bike is moved while you are at home or taking a break.MESSAGES GRUPPORimani in contact with your team of cyclists when you separate from them.GROUPTRACKTieni an eye on your mates bike, even when no longer visible, and let them can monitorarti. GroupTrack allows you to keep tabs of up to 50 users at a time. You simply have to look at the screen to see updates.LIVETRACKUtilizza LiveTrack to allow friends and family to follow your location in real-time and view your entire route prepianificato. Make sure that your loved ones know exactly where you're going.SMART NOTIFICATIONRicevi alerts or text messages directly on your Edge, if paired with a compatible smartphone.SYNC WITH GARMIN CONNECTL'app Garmin Connect, an online community is always active, which can connect at any time, compete by participating in challenges and share their results through social media.CONNECT IQScarica the custom data fields from our Connect IQ Store to view the ir statistics at a single glance.COMPATIBILITY SMART TRAINERAssocia Edge 1030 Plus your trainer Tacx in this way you will be able to ride, when and where you want it.COMPATIBLE WITH THE SHIMANO STEPSVisualizza a dedicated screen on the state of the eBike, the data fields for the support and messages system status and warning. Also displays the level of pedal assistance, the location of the reports, the battery life and much more during a session on the bike.CONFIGURATION AUTOMATICAPreparati to the challenge in a few minutes, without having to waste time configuring the settings. Get profiles of race, custom, and pre-compiled on the basis of your Edge above your types of running or pedaling or the built-in sensors.COMPATIBLE WITH IR APPSempre pi apps and platforms do you prefer for your workout and the maps are compatible with the Edge. Saddle up and go to the mode you want with the app Strava, Komoot, TrainingPeaks and many others.
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