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Pursuant to legislative Decree n° 24 del 02-02-2002, 4 Bike Lovers is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the goods.

The lack of conformity is found in:

  • the defect of operation
  • discrepancies between what was proposed and what was received for the purchase
  • internal damage from transport is not found at the time of receipt
  • wrong shipment

The defect of conformity must be reported within 24 months of the date of purchase; the time limit within which you must be notified of the defect in the product, from the moment in which it is expressed is up to 2 months.
The warranty will apply to products that present defects of conformity and/or malfunctions not checkable at the time of purchase, provided the product is used correctly and with due diligence, ie in respect of its destination and as provided in any technical documentation, compliance with the various rules of operation therein.
This warranty will not be applicable in case of negligence, carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, any adaptations and/or adjustments are mechanical not specified by the manufacturer etc...
In case of conformity defect, the consumer has the right to restore conformity of the goods by repair or replacement.
The warranty is personal and will apply only to the original purchaser, being reserved to direct customers and not to dealers and retailers.

Procedure for the exercise of the right to restore

In case the product purchased from our website has any defects, to obtain the recovery of the consumer goods conform to the contract of sale you will need to follow this simple procedure:

  1. Within 24 months from the receipt of the goods, to open a New Return request by logging in to your User Area and clicking Returns Management
  2. Wait for permission to return home following the procedures described in the request for the opening made.
  3. Prepare and send to 4 Bike Lovers the product carefully packed. the use of the original packaging and the inclusion of all accessories, instruction manuals and everything in origin content, will speed up the recovery of the defect of conformity.
  4. Insert in the packaging printing of the authorized Return with the automatic procedure and ship, 4 Bike Lovers.

Received and checked the returned product, will restore the lack of conformity according to the agreements made and the shipment without charge to the customer.

Manufacturer's warranty

All the products offered for sale on 4 Bike are covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer, as applicable, pursuant to the Legislative Decree n° 206 of the 6-09-2005. To take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty and then send it in for service a product purchased from a 4 Bike Lovers is sufficient to make a request from your account by going to the order history, find your order and send a message of return. You will be contacted by our store, and then packaged the defective component and send it to the service center indicated by 4 Bike Lovers.

Regulation and jurisdiction

For buyers VAT holders who purchase with the invoice, the regulation is governed by the civil code.
Although not highlighted in the pages of the site in the field of legal regulation, and cites the laws and regulations in force. 4 Bike Lovers is at Your full disposal for any information and/or clarification. The data and the features reported in the product data sheets are taken from those published by manufacturers. 4 Bike Lovers is not responsible for any errors and changes. The features and pictures may vary without notice. The marks and names listed on the site belong to the legitimate owners.
It is not permitted to make any reproduction, total or partial, of the material contained in the website. Offenders will be reported to the competent authorities.

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